How it works

We've paused baking for the time being in order to focus on setting up our bakery in Crouch End, North London. Check us out on instagram to follow our journey.

  1. Head over to the shop to view our bakes and pick out something you would like - Shop
  2. We have two bake days, Tuesday and Friday. The stock for the Tuesday bake will become available to purchase on the Saturday prior at midday. The stock for the Friday bake becomes available to purchase on the Tuesday prior at midday.
  3. Once you've picked the item you want for the upcoming bake day, simply checkout and choose your shipping method (either pickup or free delivery to the local area).

Some important points:

  • Our pickup address is 98 Denton Road, N8 9NT. In order to cope with demand, we have created designated pickup slots in the afternoon. The afternoon slots range between 3pm-6pm. When you add items to your cart, you will be able to select which times you'd like to come.
  • You can only choose delivery if you live in London N8 or N4. we will pop round by bike at some point on that day, usually between 11pm-6pm but it depends on how many orders we have to deliver.
  • To help us cope with the amount of deliveries we will make by bike; if you are local and you are able to pick up from us, please do so if you can. It will make a huge difference to how fast we can deliver to those who are further away and/or most in need.