Sourdough like a pro: online beginners course

Sourdough like a pro: online beginners course

Sourdough like a pro: online beginners course



Wanna bake sourdough bread like this?

Would you like to learn my no-frills approach to baking gut-friendly, healthy and delicious sourdough bread at home, perfectly every time?

Sourdough bread is the tastiest bread you'll ever experience, and baking it is one of the most rewarding experiences there is for a baker - beginner or pro. 

The first bite is unbelievable, utterly different to anything you've ever had before. Wave after wave of flavour hit you as you savour the delicate tang of the starter and the crunch of the perfect crust…

I studied the art and science of sourdough bread baking my whole life, so you don’t have to...

Once I’d perfected the sourdough baking process into a simple system that anyone can follow, I began running regular sourdough baking classes in London, developing a method of teaching that is accessible but without the fluff.


The most accessible and complete sourdough bread baking course available on the internet

Beautifully shot videos let you watch every move I make so you can replicate exactly what I do and the comprehensive ebook that comes with the course shares hundreds of tips and tricks and explores the theory behind the practical skills.

  • Get immediate access to everything in the course in your private members area, for life
  • Enjoy over 4 hours of video, broken down into nearly 30 easily digestible videos that focus on each aspect of sourdough baking
  • Get instant access to the detailed, in-depth, downloadable ebook with nearly 200 pages packed full of sourdough baking knowledge
  • Get all the exclusive bonus materials 
  • Suitable for vegans

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