Sourdough Skills Series: pretzels

Sourdough Skills Series: pretzels

Sourdough Skills Series: pretzels


Want to master shaping and baking delicious sourdough pretzels like a pro? Bite into a warm pretzel, not too hard or too soft, speckled with sea salt and utterly delicious. 

I've studied how great bakers from around the world make sourdough pretzels. Tweaking their expert methods, to develop my own signature process and bring you the tastiest sourdough pretzel recipe on the internet.

My online Sourdough Pretzel Making mini course is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide. It uses the techniques you perfected in in my full sourdough like a pro online course, adding new shaping techniques to your skillset. Detailed videos let you watch every move I make, letting you see the exact techniques to use. The accompanying ebook details the techniques to use for a perfect, delicious pretzel and explores ingredients and equipment.

  • Use your sourdough bread baking experience and get creative
  • Step-by-step guide to the perfect pretzel
  • Expert advice and personalised support. Ask me anything sourdough related and get a personal answer
  • Gain confidence by increasing your sourdough skills and baking beautiful, delicious pretzels
  • Lifetime access - watch anytime anywhere, for life. Learn at your own pace, rewatching until you're 100% confident.

This is what you get in the Making Sourdough Pretzels online mini course.

  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Preparing the levain the evening before
  • Step 2: Making the dough and bulk fermentation
  • Step 3: Divide and shape then overnight fridge proof
  • Step 4: Lye bath and bake
  • Tips
  • Downloadable PDF ebook

The only prerequisite for taking this course is that you have an active sourdough starter already. A little experience baking sourdough bread will be useful but not essential. If you've already taken my sourdough like a pro: beginners sourdough course, you're perfect!