Sourdough Surgery Online Workshop REPLAY

Sourdough Surgery Online Workshop REPLAY



 Have lots of questions about sourdough baking? Have you just joined my course and want to learn more? Are you new to sourdough baking and have some questions or failed attempts? Join my sourdough surgery where we will cover and discuss some very common questions and open it up for a Q&A. 

During the workshop we will cover: 

  • Troubleshooting your starter
  • How to build strength during bulk fermentation (coil fold vs stretch and fold)
  • How do you know bulk fermentation is finished
  • Signs of over/under proofing
  • Handling a sticky / wet dough during shaping
  • Audience questions

You will receive an email before the class with my basic sourdough recipe details and also an opportunity to send in your sourdough related questions so that I have some time to prepare answers for you. You will also receive your access details for the class before it starts.