Excellent News!

After the success of our dining room micro bakery, we are going to open a real bakery in Crouch End, North London. Stay tuned for on our social media for news.

We have surpassed our funding goal on Kickstarter and are so grateful for all of the people who backed our campaign, shared us to their family and friends, and gave us their support along the way. This money will enable us to get some essential equipment for our new bakery and do some essential work that will be required there! Stay tuned on our instagram @sourdoughsophia over the next few months to follow the journey. 

In order to concentrate on this project, we have paused all baking for the time being but will back, bigger and better than ever in no time!

The N8 Sourdough

Made with a blend of organic stoneground wholemeal flour, organic spelt flour and organic strong white bread flour, this is a naturally fermented sourdough packed with flavour. Sophia's sourdough is made by hand and in a small-batch, leavened for over 24 hours to maximise the aromas.

The Process

You cannot go more natural than eating sourdough bread. It is a combination of just flour, water, salt and time. Through a magical transformation, my tiny microbial friends in my starter get to work fermenting and rising the bread without the addition of any commercial yeast or additives. By just using the bacteria and wild yeasts on my hands, in the flour and the local Crouch End air in my home, one can achieve something so stunningly unique and healthy for your gut. And by coordinating these microbial friends in the right way, these few simple ingredients transform into a symphony of delicious flavours, beautiful aromas and a stunning golden sheen.

Where to find us:

98 Denton Road
London, UK

N8 9NT

Bread pickup times (if you have placed an order): Tuesday & Friday between 3pm-6pm. Free delivery to London N8 and N4 only. 


The best Sourdough! Feels like such a treat whenever we get a delivery on our doorstep.
Just delicious!!!!
It was incredible!
So delicious!