Sourdough Sophia

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Who we are

Sourdough Sophia was born out of the lockdown during a global pandemic, in Crouch End, at the heart of North London. We (wife and husband team Sophia and Jesse) supported the community by baking sourdough bread and other beautiful bakes in our fitted-out dining room and delivered it all by bike to those who were in need. Very quickly the community came to love us, and we came to love them, and we now have a real bakery space so that we can all thrive on the most flavourful and delicious sourdough bread in the area!

What we bake

We specialise in handmade sourdough breads, using organic locally grown milled grains and ancient methods of fermentation. We also offer various hand-made bakes such as intricately layered viennoiserie, delicious cakes, brownies and more. Everything is baked on site throughout the day and is visible to the public as they walk into the shop. We don't use any artificial flavours or additives and our breads are fermented for over 24hrs which aids in their flavour, digestibility and health benefits.

You can order our goods online for in-store pickup here

Or you can come and say hi to us in the bakery, pick up anything you like and grab a coffee! Check out our opening times here.

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Come and learn

We truly believe that freshly baking real sourdough bread and viennoiserie is the best way to go, both in their taste and health benefits. Making sourdough isn't just a branding exercise, it is a superior method of fermenting and rising bread, and we have doing it this way for thousands of years until commercial yeast was invented. We feel passionately about reviving these skills in our community and have put together extensive online and in-person workshops and programs to help everyone learn  about the joys of making sourdough at home.

Learn more about our workshops and courses here.

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