About us

Who we are

Sourdough Sophia is truly a bakery born in the community.

During lockdown we set up a micro bakery from our dining room and founded Sourdough Sophia to change the way in which us Brits consume bread one loaf at a time. 

Within a couple of weeks we attracted huge queues down the road from our little flat and quickly ran out of space. So, with the help of a successful kickstarter campaign and nearly 600 backers from the local community, we opened the doors to our bakery in 2020, only 8 months after we baked our very first loaf. 

Our mission

Let's face it, us Brits love bread! And with 11 million loaves sold every day, making it one of the most consumed foods around, it is shocking how little we know about it!

85% of bread is bought in supermarkets and comes from large factories. It is made with wheat that's been grown unsustainably, it is risen fast, and it's packed full of additives to make it preserve for longer.

From day one we realised that we will be consuming over a tonne of flour each week at our bakery and this was going to have a huge impact on the environment.

The way in which we currently grow wheat is badly damaging our soil. It is estimated that we only have about 60 harvests left if we continue to grow wheat in this way.

So, we have taken an ethical decision to use this flour across our entire range. 

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Awards & mentions

We've won two world bread awards for our delicious wholemeal loaf and our focaccia. 

We've also won three great taste awards for our N8 Loaf, Wholemeal loaf and our house Kimchi!

We were also in  top five finalists for the UK high street shop of the year award! 

We're also super proud to have been featured in various publications such as Bloomberg, Timeout, BBC News and many more.