Sourdough Spelt Loaf

Sourdough Spelt Loaf


Our wholemeal loaf has been recently updated to include some amazing British-grown organic stoneground spelt flour. Really fluffy and light with a sweet and nutty flavour. This was hugely popular when we first started so we are very excited to bring it back.


About wildfarmed: 

Wildfarmed flours are very special in the sense that the grains are grown in a regenerative way (i.e. in a way that actually restores biodiversity). The grains are grown side-by-side with other plants and animals which helps strengthen the ecosystem, and produces a much more genetically robust plant as well as reversing climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The resulting flour is full of nutrition and thus healthier for us, but also extremely healthy for the environment. No chemicals or nasties are used of course.


Contains gluten