Sourdough is for life - not just for lockdown

Invest in Sourdough Sophia 

BIG NEWS! Raise complete. We SMASHED our target!

  • Raised £500k in just under 3 weeks
  • On track for expansion
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We're raising £300k and want you to join our journey. With this investment we will:

  • Convert our existing 650 sqft bakery to triple its capacity 
  • Have our second Sourdough Sophia store by the end of 2023 
  • Third store by 2025
  • £3M revenue by 2026

We are growing rapidly and want you to join us

In 2022 we achieved record sales of nearly £1M in a tiny 650 sq ft bakery.

  • 130k instagram following
  • 87% repeat customer rate
  • £10.26 average spend in store

We’ve built more than your average high street bakery

When I moved to London I couldn't find any real bread in my local community and was astonished by how little everyone knew about the benefits of sourdough bread. We set up Sourdough Sophia to change the way we consume bread, one loaf at a time. We sell sourdough bread, delicious hand-laminated pastries and well-mannered coffee.

It all started with a simple thought

Who wouldn’t want freshly made sourdough bread and pastries made from scratch every day in their local neighbourhood?

A lockdown community success story

We’ve come a long way

During lockdown Jesse and Sophia delivered 50+ deliveries per day to our local neighbourhood.

Now we serve thousands in our bakery every month.

Where we are today

Revenue ca. £1M
1 store in Crouch End, London
130k Instagram followers

Where we are going

Second store by the end of 2023
Third store by 2025
Revenue growth 250% by 2025

Our business is unique

Loyal customer base

87% repeat customer rate
£10.26 average spend

Huge fan base

130k instagram following
56k+ contactable database

Kind to the planet

Sustainably farmed flour
‘Gut’ friendly bread

A unique team - backed by fantastic advisors

Sophia is the CEO and creative force behind all things delicious at Sourdough Sophia. She grew up working in her family business from a very young age and had her hands in the dough since she was 5 years old.

Jesse is the COO and head of talent at Sourdough Sophia. With his extensive background in leadership and training at Apple, he’s developed a keen sense for selecting and nurturing incredible talent.

Harry Stoakes

Equity Partner, BDO.
Non executive Director

Steven Rimmer

Ex Senior independent Director, Seedrs.

The opportunity

Targeting a £20M+ valuation by 2028

By expanding our stores and investing in brand growth we believe we can bring our annual revenue from £1M to £5M+ within 3 years achieving a valuation of ~£20M+ by 2028

Investor Perks


20x free loaf
1x 1-hour mentoring session with Sophia


A free loaf + cruffin every week for1 year
3x 1-hour mentoring sessions with Sophia


Breakfast bundle worth £20 every week for 1 year
6x 1-hour mentoring sessions with Sophia


1-day private class with Sophia learning anything you like


10x free £20 breakfast bundles if an investor tells us you referred them
2x 1-hour mentoring sessions with Sophia

+50% tax relief on investment

SEIS available but hurry…

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) allows investors in this round to claim +50% of their investment back in tax relief, but only up to the total value of £200k in this round.

So hurry and be part of the early investors!

Once £200k is reached the enterprise investment scheme (EIS) still allows investors to claim 30% tax relief. We are pre-approved already.

Why invest?

We hope to provide a great return on investment

We're an established and growing brand with a simple, scalable and proven business model. Keen to get in early on a high-growth brand like ours? This is your opportunity.

An investment that's good for the planet

We only have 60 years until the world’s topsoil is eliminated unless we drastically change how we produce and consumer bread. Join our revolution! We only make bread using sustainably sourced ingredients.

It’s incredibly easy to make an investment

If you'd like to be a part of our journey we'll send you a digital investment agreement for us both to sign. Simply review, e-sign, and transfer the funds. The whole process can be completed in minutes.

A quick guide

How to proceed

  • Request our pitch deck.
  • Sophia will answer any questions by email or video call.
  • Tell us how much you would like to invest.
  • We will send you an investment agreement.
  • You wire us the investment and we issue you with shares.

Eager to invest? You in? Or have more questions?



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